Goodbye 2017!


2017 was a great year for Troop 107. We did 12 different overnights, ranging from camping just for the sake of camping to living the island life in Onset MA. Our fundraising efforts this year were spectacular, and we are already reaping the benefits. Not to mention the fact that we added this website to the team as well!

With 2017 out the window, we are glad to welcome 2018 with many things in store for an action-packed and very scouty year. On the list are some of our annual trips, such as the Ski trip in February and Summer camp in July. In addition to these, we will be headed to the Florida keys for a unique experience to all of us: Sea Base.

If you or your scout to be would like to join in on any or all of the adventures for this year or years to come, visit our Contact page, and we will be glad to hand you a badge (Just kidding, you have to earn them!).

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